Weber Tile Adhesive

Adhesive; the unsung hero of tiling. Tiles get all the glory (and the foot traffic), with their pretty colours, glossy finishes and pleasing patterns, but it’s the adhesive that does all the work, keeping the tile securely in place. A quality tile adhesive is essential when doing tiling, that’s why we’ve partnered up with Weber to use their excellent quality tile adhesive.

Weber is the world's leading industrial mortar manufacturer offers a complete range of solutions developed using advanced formulation technology to meet the highest technical requirements. Weber is a recognised manufacturer and innovator of easy to apply product in the external wall insulation, renders, tile fixing and construction mortar markets.

Tiling pedigree

Weber have a long history of adhesive and industrial mortar manufacturing. They're world leaders when it comes to this stuff, so of course, Tile Town wanted to get involved with them. That and the passion they exude in everything they do are really what drew us towards them.

This company, in one form or another, has been around for over a century - it was founded way back in 1900 by George Weber. They massively expanded their operations after the Second World War and in 1996 it joined the very well-established Saint-Gobain group (Saint-Gobain began in 1665!). Since then it has expanded its operations to Asia and the Middle East, while cementing its presence in Europe - it’s a company that’s respected around the world, and you’d be very smart to use their tile adhesive in your flooring or walling.

High-quality products

They manufacture a brilliant range of tile fixing adhesives and grouts. Preparation products, such as levelling compounds, primers and under-tile tanking systems ensure that you’ll be in the best position to get the perfect tile fix. Ready mix tile adhesives, also known as ‘fix’, is perfect for securing wall tiles and ‘set’, a cement based tile adhesive, is a flexible solution for wall and floor tiles. We love that their range offers solutions for every aspect of the tile securing process - you’re in safe hands with Tile Town and Weber.

A company that cares

Weber work closely with their customers and partners when developing new products and improving current ones. We love that they consult customers, because it shows that they value the most important group when it comes to identifying problems and possible improvements to make. Customers are the ones who will have to live with the tiling, so their opinion is what matters the most.

Their global scale also doesn’t mean that they neglect the nuances and differences between local and regional areas. A network of local plants ensures easy accessibility for all customers and reduces the amount of road traffic there is, lowering their carbon footprint.

They go for a decentralised approach which means that they trust their local arms to go about business in the most locally suitable way - local knowledge based on international experience is a philosophy of Weber, and something that really demonstrates why they’re industry leaders on a global scale.