Tile Town’s Top Tiling Tips

 Whether you’re looking to save money, or have simply always wanted to have a go at laying your own tiles, then there couldn’t be a better time to give tiling a go! With the right advise, tiling can be simple enough to easily complete yourself and makes for a satisfyingly productive weekend activity. However, we know that for those who haven’t tiled before it can be a daunting prospect. So, here at Tile Town we have compiled a list of our top tips to get you tiling like a pro in no time!

Work out how many tiles you will need. This may sound simple, but many people get this wrong. Take the time to double check your surface area and the size of your chosen tiles to calculate the number of tiles you need to cover the area.

Order extra tiles. Once you have worked out how many tiles your space will need, make sure you order a couple of extra. Even the most seasoned of professional tilers will do this to guarantee that if anything goes wrong, they still have enough tiles.

Ensure that you have the right equipment for your tiles. The equipment needed to both cut and lay your tiles may vary depending on the kind of tile you go for. Always check manufacturers’ guidelines where you should find guidance regarding the right tile cutter and grouting for you. 

Plan the layout before you jump straight in. Practise laying the tiles without any adhesive to see how they fit in your space. Depending on your chosen tiles there is potentially a vast number of ways in which you could lay them. Try a couple of different layouts until you find your preferred style. Once you have chosen your favourite pattern make sure you make a quick sketch of it so that you remember when it comes to the time to lay them.

Prepare the surface. Make sure the surface on which you will be laying your tiles is completely clear of debris or other small items which could impact the level of the tiles, making your surface uneven.

Check surface level. Don’t panic if your surface has slight unevenness, this is very common. If noted before the tiling process it can be easily addressed when you come to lay the tiles!

Clean the tiles. Although your new tiles will be box fresh, they could have small fragments of debris left from the factory in which they were manufactured. Making sure your tiles are similarly clear of dust and debris will help to guarantee a completely level final result.

Level out uneven surfaces with adhesive. When it is time to lay your tiles you can use your adhesive to level out any unevenness that you spotted earlier on. Simply add more adhesive to tiles which need to be slightly raised, or less for those that need to be lower.

Et voila! If you follow Tile Town’s tips you should have a beautiful new tiled floor in no time. But, remember Tile Town are always here to help you. So, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime, happy tiling!

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