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TM Anti-Fracture Matting

Anti-fracture / Uncoupling Matting for Floors Subject to Limited Movement
• Three layer anti-fracture/uncoupling mat designed to accommodate & absorb lateral movement in sub-floors
• Genuine fast-track system – can be tiled over immediately after fitting the mat
• Only 0.85mm thick & minimises height build-up
• Cuts costs & uses 20% less adhesive that traditional cavity mats
• Saves 30kg of tile adhesive per 20m2 roll
20m2 Roll 1M Wide
From £223.68

TM Mixing Bucket

An essential product for any tiling job, this Tilemaster Bucket features a measuring guide for adhesive and grout.

TM Tanking Kit

Waterproofing Kit for areas exposed to wet/damp conditions
• Protects water sensitive substrates from exposure to water
• Seals & Stabilises surfaces prior to applying tiles
• Single coat system, no priming required
• Fast drying, apply tiles after 3 hours
• Ideal for wetrooms, showers, steamrooms and bathrooms
• Can be used internally and externally
Kit contents:
2.5Kg Tanking Paste, 10m Reinforcing Tape, 2 Internal Corners, & Latex Gloves.
Coverage: Aprrox 7m2
From £68.46

TM Prime+Grip

Prime + Grip Multi-Purpose Bond Enhancing Primer

• Significantly improves adhesion bond strength of tile adhesives and self-levelling compounds
• Excellent for use on a wide range of smooth, non-absorbent and absorbent surfaces
• Rapid drying – primer dries in as little as 15 minutes
• Prime straight from the re-sealable tub
• Ideal for tile on tile applications
• Ready mixed and ready to use primer

Supplied 5KG Buckets

Coverage: Approximately 35 – 40m² per 5kg (depending on porosity of surface/substrate)
From £49.92

TM Prime Plus

Flexible SBR Primer

• Water based
• Seals and stabilises the porosity of porous surfaces
• Improves the adhesion of cement based products

Supplied in 5 and 1 litres bottles

Coverage.1 litre of neat Primeplus = 10m²
1 litre diluted 3 parts water to 1 part Primeplus = 40m²
When Primeplus is applied to non-absorbent surfaces, the coverage will increase by 15%
From £9.74

TM Flexmaster Primer

Multipurpose Flexible Additive & Primer

As a flexible additive
• Increases the flexural properties & adhesion properties of tile adhesives & grouts
• Improves the durability & water resistance of tile adhesives & grouts

As a primer
• Wall & floor primer for absorbant & non-absorbant surfaces
• Designed to prime, stabilise & seal substrates
• Increses the adhesion of tile adhesive & levellers
• Water based

Supplied 1 litres bottles

Coverage as a Flexible Additive 1 litre mixed with 3 parts water produces enough flexible additive for 20kg of adhesive
Coverage as a Primer 1 litre applied neat will cover 10m2, diluted with 3 parts water, 1 litre will cover 40m2. Applied as a slurry coat 1 litre will cover 18m2.
From £12.48


An essential product for any tiling job, this Tilemaster Bucket features a 9L measuring guide for adhesive and grout.
From £4.99