Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

One of the most exciting tile types we offer is glass mosaic tiles for the kitchen. You can use these exclusively or as a border or special feature in the kitchen to really jazz up the space. And they have great functional properties too!

An eye-catching design feature

Using glass mosaic tiles in your kitchen immediately elevates the design and adds a special flair to the space. The translucent shine of the glass in the delicate tiles draws the eye, attracting attention and exuding quality and class. Glass reflects the light, adding brightness and personality to the room. The use of small tiles of different transparencies alongside one another creates a wonderful texture that adds depth and warmth to you home.

Mosaic tiles give you more design flexibility and the opportunity to make the space your own. For example, you could use understated, muted grey or beige colours to create a subtle, stylish surface. You might want exclusively glass mosaic tiles, or alternatively you can add a border along the top or middle of larger tiles.

Practical in the kitchen

Glass mosaic tiles have all the useful properties of a normal tile in the kitchen – namely being durable, long-lasting and easy to clean. But as a non-porous material, glass is particularly resistant to staining and any damage from chemicals. This makes them ideal for an environment such as the kitchen, which can be moist and exposed to various oils and chemicals. For day-to- day cleaning, all they need is a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust or superficial marks. Glass shows up dirt fairly easily, so you can see as soon as they need cleaning. In addition to these advantages, the small size of glass mosaic tiles makes them easy to cut and perfect for placing around power points and stoves in the kitchen. They are fixed to a mesh backing, which also makes them an ideal choice for uneven walls in an older house, for example.

A more eco-friendly option

It takes around half the energy to make a glass tile compared to a ceramic tile, which means that using glass mosaic tiles is a more eco-friendly option. So for all you eco-warriors out there, this presents yet another reason to choose glass mosaic tiles. Attractive, practical – and better for the environment!

We’re happy to help

Our friendly Tile Town team are all experts in tiles and love helping customers choose the right tiling solution. If you are planning a kitchen makeover and would like advice on glass mosaic tiles or any other type of tile we offer, then we will be more than happy to help – simply get in touch on 01332 293030, or at Alternatively, come and visit one of our stores – in Derby or South Normanton. That way, as well as receiving expert advice you can also see and feel all of the products we offer, so you can better imagine them in your space.

View our range of glass mosaic tile options below.