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Easy Wedge Levelling Syetem

Genesis Easy Wedge levelling Syetem
• Improved accuracy and installation spped
• Perfect for all types of tiles
• Maximum working depth 12mm
• Consistent grout lines
• Ideal for floors & walls
From £9.51

966 Stainless Steel Trowel Set

966 Stainless Steel Trowel Set
• 6 Stainless Steel Blades 250 x 110mm
• Interchangeable Handle
• 4, 6, 8 & 10mm Square Notch Trowels
• 10 x 20mm Round Notch Trowel
• Universeal Tiger Trowel.
From £46.83

903 3mm Trowel

903 3mm Square Notch
• Professional trowel
• Soft-comfort handle
From £8.02

906SST 6mm Trowel

906SST 6mm Square Notch
• Stainless Steel Trowel
• Professional trowel
• Soft-comfort handle
From £8.02

909SST 10mm Trowel

909SST 10mm Square Notch
• Stainless Steel Trowel
• Professional trowel
• Soft-comfort handle
From £8.02

911 Tiger Trowel

911 Tiger Trowel
• Professional trowel
• Revolutionary notch design
• TPR Soft grip handle
From £9.53

952 Gauging Trowel

952 Gauging Trowel
• Professional trowel
• Soft-comfort handle
From £3.84

953 Bucket Trowel

953 Bucket Trowl
• Professional trowel
• Soft-comfort handle
From £3.08

725WW Work Wipes

725WW Work Wipes
• Antibacterial
• Dermatologically Tested
From £12.40

914 Tile Adhesive Mixing Paddle

914 Professional tile adhesive mixing paddle
• Ideal for mixing grout & powder adhesive
• Hexagonal steel handle with plastic hanger
• Use with electric power drill
• 914 400mm x 800mm
From £6.05

971HD Tile Nippers

971HD Professional tile nippers
• Designed to nibble narrow strips & shapes from wall or floor tiles
• Soft gripped rubber handle with comfort grip
From £11.89

973 Mitre Trim Cutters

973 Mitre Trim Cutters
• Heavy duty multi angle hand cutter ideal for cutting plastic tile trims, soft woods, rubber etc.
• Heavy duty steel body construction
• 7 preset angles for precise cuts
• Non slip soft grip handles
From £20.80

995 Grout Float

995 Grout float - Wooden Handle
• Professional float for wall & floor tile grouting
• Easy to clean and durable
• White face bonded to a dense rubber foam
• Wooden handle
• Size: 240 x 102mm
From £7.83

Genesis Tile Spacers

Genesis tile spacers.
Strong and durable tile spacers
• Available in a variety of sizes
• used to ensure a regular joint width and for a quick and accurate alignment of wall and floor tiles
From £1.57

ROM94241 Spiked Roller

• Genesis spiked roller - 11mm long spike
• Use to release trapped air in resins such as self levelling compounds.
From £24.41

TGA 909 Z Bar Carpet to Tile Strip

TGA 909 Z Bar Carpet to Tile Strip
• Available in Silver and Brass
• Aluminium Tile to Carpet Strip
From £4.55

996 Jumbo Hydro Sponge

996 Jumbo Hydro Sponge
• Used for grouting and cleaning up grout
• Hydro sponge designed for increased water retention
• Size: 200 x 150 x 60mm
From £2.90

725 Cleaning Holder and Pads

725-H Cleaning Pad Holder & Pads
• Handle with velcro for coarse, medium and fine pads
• Use to aid removal of stubborn and epoxy grout
• Pads measure 120 x240mm
From £2.11

Trade Diamond Drill Bits

The Genesis trade pack of 2 hole saws can be used for drilling into porcelain, marble, granite and travertine. Available in 6, 8 & 10mm.
From £5.13

Diamond Hole Saw

Diamond Hole Saws
Suitable for drilling porcelain, marble, granite & travertine
Electro plated diamond rim
Discharge hole for dust removal
Compatiable with standard drill chucks
Always use with Genesis cooling system & guide
Available in 12, 18, 22, 27, 35 & 45mmmm.
From £9.45

Dry Diamond Drill Bits

The Genesis Dry Diamond hole saws can be used for drilling into porcelain, marble, granite and travertine. Available in 6, 8 & 10mm.
From £26.99

Strato Decoupling Mat

Strato decoupling mat
The quick multi-purpose decoupling mat with shear-stop action, Particularly safe, extremely fast, noticeable cost saving
Construction optimized 3-layer structure
Stress alleviating and crack-bridging
Improves footfall sound insulation
Saves time and money
From £10.68

As one of the leading tile suppliers in the East Midlands, we are so pleased to offer you a fantastic selection of tiling products. We cover the areas of Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Mansfield, Chesterfield, as well as offering next day delivery to places all over the UK.

Tile Town have a fantastic reputation for offering great tiling tools for the trade and public. We’ve built up this reputation through careful selection of which brands we include in our catalogue. We only stock products from companies that we know have high standards for quality, and manufacture effective and innovative products. Here you will find extremely competitive trade prices on tiling products from market leading tile associated companies such as Genesis.

History of quality

The genesis of Genesis was in 1989, when they began their journey into the worldwide tiling products export business. Founded in Stokesley, in the UK, they have always had their sights set on broader horizons than just the UK. They have been exporting their range of products since 1990.

A number of impressive statistics underline their success:

  • 14 million metres of aluminium/PVC Tile profiles sold in 2016 – that’s enough to cross the Atlantic twice.

  • 9.7 million spacers sold in 2016, enough to tile Albania with 60cm x 60cm tiles.

  • 4.5% growth in sales over the last five years.

Excellent range of products

Tile Town is very pleased to have this brilliant selection of tools in our range. An impressive selection of trowels, at different thicknesses to accommodate different types of grout and conditions. These high-quality trowels will last for years, helping with job after job, and their comfortable handles will ensure that your hands last the years along with them.

We also stock the excellent Genesis Tile Spacers that make spacing your tiles easier than it’s ever been. Available in a variety of sizes, you will see the benefits of these with every single job you do.

Genesis Tile Cutters and Tile Nippers offer professional-standard tile cutting and shaping. Sturdy build quality and comfortable grip means that you will be using these tools for several years.

That’s only a couple of the excellent Genesis products that are available in our catalogue. Our range of Genesis tiling tools include:

Our range of tiling tools include
• Genesis Trowels
• Genesis Grouting tools
• Genesis Tile trims, which include: Trim Regular, Straight edge trim
• Genesis Aluminium quadrant trim, Aluminium straight edge trim
• Genesis Aluminium transitional trims.
• Genesis Diamond drill bits for porcelain tiles
• Genesis Tile spacers  

Come and see the products in person

Visit our showroom in Derby. You can see our range of Genesis tools in person and chat with the friendly Tile Town team about your DIY plans. They'll happily advise on which tools will be the most suitable for the particular job you are going to be doing.