Ceramic Floor Tiles

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Almansa Black Floor

The Almansa black floor tile is a sleek and beautiful floor tile that creates a fantastic look in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways or any other rooms. Black is always a classic colour. It makes a great base for any interior design, and can be paired with any colour you like on calls, cabinets and furniture. These tiles from quality manufacturer Halcon Ceramicas also have a slightly rustic flagstone texture to add a little character. It has a stylish matt finish that is understated and beautiful. The mottled effect means that the tiles are described as black/charcoal, with each tile having its own unique mixture of the two hues. If you’re looking for a subtle black tile but with a little more warmth and texture than a plain black, glossy tile, then the Almansa black floor tile is the answer.
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Chatsworth Floor

Make a statement in your home with the Chatsworth floor tile! This stylish design draws inspiration from the Victorian era to create a final look that is sure to get the guests talking. The contrast of florals and geometric patterns meet in harmony in these tiles and provide a modern look with a classic feel. Fabulous for a hallway to give a bold first impression, the Chatsworth tile also works well throughout the house adding a touch of sophistication everywhere from kitchens to conservatories. Create a real feature by adding the Chatsworth border and corner tiles to give your home the attention to detail and finishing touches it deserves.
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Kedleston Black Floor

Looking for a victorian styled floor? With elaborate and eye-catching designs, these fantastic Kedleston Black Tiles are just the ticket!
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Mercaston Grey Floor

Looking for a victorian styled floor? With elaborate and eye-catching designs, these fantastic Kedleston Black Tiles are just the ticket!
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Rapolano Marfil Floor

This range of stone effect ceramic floor tiles has a matt finish and would compliment a wide range of floor tile installations.
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Repton Gris Floor

This large format concrete effect range is ideal for all internal uses from kitchens, to bathrooms, to living rooms and conservatories.
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Sherwood Cenere Floor

Having a resemblance to driftwood, Sherwood Cenere wood effect ceramic tile has all the charm and character of natural wood. A subtle embossed texture completes the look.
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Sherwood Madera Floor

Create a stunning statement floor with this Sherwood Madera wood effect tile. This ceramic tile is highly practical and appears to be made up of various wood panels, dark and light.
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Sherwood Marengo Floor

A palette of silvery steel grey tones form a wood grain pattern in this ceramic tile. Sherwood wood effect ceramic tile has all the charm and character of natural wood.
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Sherwood Perla Floor

Pewter grey is the backdrop for charcoal grains similar to that found in a plank of plain sliced wood. A faint texture also simulates a natural feel.
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Sherwood Roble Floor

Dark chestnut and walnut tones create a feeling of warmth in this wood effect ceramic tile. A simulated grain produces interesting textures and markings resembling that found in natural hardwoods.
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Sorrento Bone Floor

This ceramic floor tile has a matt finish and is an clever reproduction of a Spanish marble floor tile.
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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic floor tiles are a brilliant and classic way to finish a room. Beautiful to look at, especially when matched with the rest of the room décor, ceramic tiling is the durable, long-lasting option with the most variety. Compared with other flooring options, like wood, ceramic tiles offer infinitely more when it comes to colours, patterns and shapes.

Here at Tile Town, our ceramic tiles are made from the perfect blend of clays and silicones pressed into shape and then fired in a kiln to produce tough, hard-wearing tiles that are resistant to water, spillages and stains. They’re finished with a clear glass glaze to give your floor the high-quality sheen it needs to bring out the best in your room.

Why Choose Ceramic Floor Tiles

Due to the natural properties of ceramics and glass, this method of finishing your floor is perfect for rooms which may get wet or dirty. They don’t require any sealing or polishing and are easily wiped clean – ideal for floor tiling in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and conservatories. If you’re going for a more natural or less uniform look for your floor, then Tile Town absolutely has got you covered. Advances in Inkjet technology has made it possible to give each tile a unique look, so that your floor won’t just have a repeating pattern. This kind of non-repeating pattern really works for the more natural-looking designs, such as our Almansa Black Floor.

Ceramic Floor Tile Ranges

We have an enormous range of colours and finishes available for you to peruse. Everything from your more understated beige, cream and ivory, to the more adventurous white, green and even mixed coloured tiling. We choose our suppliers carefully – we will only ever sell you the highest quality ceramic floor tiling from the top manufacturers in the industry. Pricing options range from just under £14 per square metre, for the Sherwood range of floor tile all the way up to £30.35 for the truly magnificent Mercaston Grey Floor Tile. Go for this tiling if you want a striking feature floor.

Our Chatsworth range is your options  if you want clear and bold patterns to really make your floor stand out. But, if you want a more subtle and understated look for your floor, Tile Town’s range of stone effect flooring is the way to go. Along with the stone effect tiles, we’ve also got a fantastic selection of wood effect ceramics, if you desire a classic look for your floor, with none of the drawbacks of genuine wood. The Sherwood range of ceramic tiling offers all the aesthetic benefits of wood flooring, in a variety of colours ranging from light and airy to dark and stylish. Flooring like this demonstrates our commitment to all there is in terms of designs and choices for ceramic floor tiling. We’re passionate about the possibilities that ceramic tiling offers and we hope our enthusiasm comes out in our work as tile suppliers.

We’re so proud of our selection, so please take a look – we’re confident that you’ll find your perfect ceramic flooring today.