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Durabase CI++ Matting. The Alternative to Ditra Matting

Dural DURABASE CI++ matting is designed to alleviate stress caused by lateral movement within substrates normally viewed as unstable. These include green screeds where shrinkage is still occurring, fresh power floated concrete floors, and timber based substrate (chipboard, floorboards, particleboard, MDF, metal surfaces, and asphalt). Normally, applying a rigid floor covering to such surfaces would be a difficult task because the lateral movement of such surfaces would cause tiles to de-bond or crack. However, with Dural DURABASE CI++ matting this problem can be fixed and satisfactory results are attainable.

DURABASE CI++ matting, in conjunction with tiles, serves to decouple the tiles and bridge any cracks. Due to the structure of the matting, channels are created which act to equalise water vapour pressure. This allows water vapour pressure to be compensated for if there is any residual moisture present. The DURABASE CI++ matting also decouples the flooring from the foundations. Any small cracks can also be bridged so that they do no affect the tiling - making it ideal for renovation work.


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Dural CI++ Decoupling Mat

DURAL decoupling mat DURABASE CI++
The quick multi-purpose decoupling mat with shear-stop action, Particularly safe, extremely fast, noticeable cost saving
Construction optimized 3-layer structure
Stress alleviating and crack-bridging
Improves footfall sound insulation
Saves time and money
From £9.29