Chances are that readers of this blog are local Derby people who are very familiar with the Sir Frank Whittle Way section of the A61 close to the centre of Derby town.

If you've driven along this particularly busy road recently, you'll no doubt have seen that we've sponsored a sign advertising Tile Town on one of the roundabouts! We're delighted with the sign, as it's created great interest among local users of this stretch of road. In case you've not yet spotted it, the sign announces “Tile Town” in our corporate blue and yellow colours with the message that you can find us on Stores Road in Derby

.TileTown Roundabout

But, if you look a little closer at the sign, it also says “Proud of Derby” and this is something about which we feel very strongly. Let's not forget that it was only three months ago that Derby was named as one of three best cities in the UK in which to live.  Along with almost everyone who lives or works in Derby, we're fiercely proud of our city and have every good reason to feel so. We have a city that's steeped in history, great parkland and open space areas to enjoy, the very best in friendly folk, the highest workplace wages outside of the South-east and a thriving business community. What's not to be proud of?

It's our passion for Derby and its people that helped us decide to advertise the Tile Town brand on that roundabout. We wanted the chance to remind local people that we're literally just down the road  from the location of that advertisement and that we're here to help local people transform their homes with our superb range of tiles and tiling accessories. We're so proud to be serving a city as great as Derby with our tiling products and simply overjoyed at the positive feedback from our customers to our roundabout sign and our products. Derby has also been named the City of Innovation and we're delighted to have been able to contribute to its innovations with our advertising idea. To quote our City Council, “Derby has a lot to be proud of and it's time to shout out about it!”

It should come as no surprise that it's local Derby people who make up the huge majority of Tile Town's customers. That's why our reputation as the best tile retailer in the area is something that we guard preciously. So, next time you encounter our roundabout sign in your journey along the A61, give it the thumbs up: you'll be giving the thumbs up to Derby and its people as well.