Are you seeking that cool and sophisticated look for your home flooring? Or maybe you're after a more rustic and rural feel?  Whatever the impact that you wish to achieve, wood effect tiles have so much going for them. Right now these tiles are very definitely on-trend in people's homes as they seek to create the stunning beauty of wood for their flooring without the inherent disadvantages of natural wood.

Thanks to modern production techniques, you can now turn your dream of a sleek and lustrous wood floor into a sensationally convincing reality. The very latest developments in inkjet technology mean that wood effect tiles take on the truly identical appearance of the real thing, including complex and exquisite grain patterns, gorgeous shades and tints, and a superb range of muted or polished finishes.

You'd expect quality like that to come at a huge price - but no: our wood effect tiles are genuinely affordable and well within the range of most people's pockets - unlike the real thing which comes at an eye-watering cost. And let's not forget the fact that our tiles are so much easier to maintain. There's no need to get down on your hands and knees to preserve the appearance with varnish or other wood protection substances every few years. And there's no need to panic when you accidentally (and inevitably) spill liquid over these tiles. Just mop and forget!

Then there's the environmental issue. In today's world it really should no longer be necessary to destroy acres of trees for the sake of our floors.  That's why it makes good environmental sense to go for wood effect tiles.

We've got a great selection of exciting and on trend styles to choose from. Echoing the very latest trend of upcycling and repurposing of wood, we think you'll love our Carsington wood effect porcelain tiles. They create a visually stunning appearance of driftwood that has dried and bleached in the sun: a perfect option to create that practical, utilitarian mood for your kitchen or bathroom.carsington wood floor tile

Or perhaps you're seeking a more elegant look to go in your living room or hallway? In which case, we'd recommend the Darwin or Sherwood ranges for a sophisticated, subtle and classy feel to your home.

Whatever your choice, one thing's for certain. By introducing wood effect tiles into your home, you're getting all the pros and none of the cons associated with timber flooring.