Why you should add luxury to your bathroom with Delta shower wet rooms systems & shower trays?

Wet rooms.... no doubt you'll have admired them on day-time TV programmes about buying houses and improving homes. For shower improvements and bathroom improvements they add a real `Wow' factor, with their modern and contemporary appearance, all gleaming tiles and sparkling accessories.

At one time, wet rooms used to be something that only the very wealthy could afford to install in their ultra-expensive homes. Whereas to the rest of us the term `wet room' meant little more than a bathroom where the bathwater had overflowed!  In actual fact, a wet room is simply a waterproof container where the entire room, including floors and walls, is lined with materials (mainly tiles) to prevent shower water from seeping into other areas of your home - plus a drain on the floor to take away the waste water of course.

Nowadays, wet rooms are not only desirable but genuinely affordable to the rest of us – and they a real boon for the elderly and for physically disabled people who have difficulty getting in and out of a bath. Home owners looking to move and upgrade don't just expect an en-suite facility in their new home these days but it simply must be a wet room as well because of the benefits they offer over the traditional shower room. That's why wet rooms in all corners of the UK are seeing a huge growth in popularity.

When it comes to installing a wet room it pays to get sound advice from us about your plans. It's a job that shouldn't challenge the average DIYer and it's been made a lot easier thanks to something called a `Deltatray'. Designed for use with walk in shower enclosures, this is a brilliant bit of kit that's versatile and easy to install. It's a lightweight and tile able shower base that avoids the need for the traditional "step-in" white acrylic tray. With a pre-made fall to the drain outlet, the Deltaboard is coated with a cementitious layer to receive the tiled surface of your choice so you can match it in with your preferred colour scheme. Delta wet room floor kits come complete with drain and a tanking liquid for waterproofing the wet room. We think they're a neat idea and well worth investing in if you're going ahead with a wet room and shower construction and installation.

So if you have a spare room or an en-suite room then we highly recommend you add a touch of luxury, style and practicality by getting a wet room installed.