The exposed brick look has been a long sought-after interior design trend, and right now it seems to be bigger than ever.

Brick has become the go-to wall fitting for perfecting any abode – everything from a rustic, country farmhouse feel home to a cool, penthouse style apartment.

Tile Town's collection of brick effect tiles recalls the look of the walls in open brickwork typical of many cities worldwide, with a hand-crafted feel that reflects the industrial development of iconic cities such as Berlin, New York and London.

Brick bedroom

Butterley Quarter Brick

Replicate this contemporary bedroom in your own home with Butterley Quarter Brick 6 x 24.6 cm.

Brick kitchen

Butterley Town Brick

Steal the look of this rustic kitchen with Butterley Town Brick 6 x 24.6 cm.

One of the best qualities of brick is that it’s so versatile. It can be used in virtually any room, with nearly any colour scheme – which means if you feel the need to update furniture pieces or accessories in the future, you won’t have to redecorate.

Brick living room

Butterley White Brick

This subtle white brick wall can be achieved with our Butterley White Brick 6 x 24.6 cm.

Butterley Brick collection has been designed with multiple graphic patterns and different reliefs so the variation between tiles results in a reflection of traditional handmade bricks.

Tile size is 6x24.6cm and is produced with significant size variation, to achieve an aesthetic result which is close to the natural brick look. Therefore, a grout between 4 and 10 mm is strictly recommended.