Selecting the right wall & floor tile for your bathroom or kitchen can be a real challenge. The range of colours, designs, shapes and textures is simply vast. But here at Tile Town we pride ourselves that we offer personal advice and guidance to all customers visiting our showroom, so they can purchase with total confidence the tiles that will add real style and value to their homes.

Before you visit one of our showrooms, here are a few hints and tips to think about when deciding on the tile that is right for you.

The tile must complement, and not clash with, the existing flooring - unless of course you are changing the flooring too! So begin by looking at three aspects of your flooring: its colour, design/shape and texture. Look for wall tiles that complement these features. Clashes of colour design or texture can make the room look far too busy and can even strain the eyesight, especially if you choose brightly-coloured and different patterns and shapes for walls and floors. A simple working principle is this: if you have busily-patterned flooring, go for plainer wall tiles.

Montana Antracite

When choosing a colour for your wall tiles, there used to be a principle that small rooms should have lighter colours, while larger rooms can cope with darker colours. Generally speaking, darker colours do absorb light. So, used to excess, darker colours can have the effect of appearing to reduce the size of the room. However there are some exceptionally attractive darker-coloured tiles available these days and, by mixing these darker shades with light colours, (The image above shows this well, Montana Antracita with Siena Perla Wall Tile) you can overcome this issue while at the same time adding some real eye-catching elegance and charm to your kitchen or bathroom. On the other hand, if you want simplicity combined with brightness, then the lighter shades will reflect more light giving an appearance of space, especially in smaller bathrooms and kitchens.

Tiles are available with patterned or plain designs. Patterned tiles, those with individual patterns on their faces, can sometimes be arranged so as to create a larger design and this can be especially effective in a larger kitchen or bathroom. However, you can also create your own colour designs by carefully selecting differently-coloured tiles, perhaps to complement the colours of your existing flooring. Another option that can look dazzlingly attractive is to use a patterned or a differently-coloured plain tile to create a border or edge to walls that are predominantly tiled in a plain colour. The choice of shapes now available is amazing, ranging from the classic square shape through mosaic, rectangular and random shapes. But again, take care to avoid clashes with any shapes on your existing flooring in the room.

The range of finishes now available for tile faces is quite remarkable. From smooth and glossy polished marble, through the soft feel of limestone to the rougher texture of other types of real stone, the choice again is yours. But a note of caution: some tiles, like limestone, may be less water- or stain-resistant: please check with us before making your final decision.

So, whether you are seeking to create a kitchen or bathroom in a modern, minimalist style or a traditional, elegant style, think about the size of the room itself, your style requirements, and how your choice of wall tiles should complement your existing flooring and vice-versa. Then drop by either our Derby Showroom or our Showroom at South Normanton, Derbyshire for a friendly chat about your ideas.