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Along with your tiles and your grout/adhesive, get your tile cutting tools from Tile Town to ensure that same excellent quality. These are professional-standard tools that are going to give you the best results when cutting your tiles.

Tile Town are one of the leading independent tile suppliers in the East Midlands, supplying Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Mansfield, Chesterfield. On top of that, we also deliver next day across the UK, so more people can get access to our comprehensive selection. Have a browse of the selection of tiling products from Bellota that Tile Town stock – you’re sure to find the perfect tools and accessories for the job at hand.

A long history of commitment

Bellota was founded in Spain, in the small town of Legazpi, in 1908 by a young entrepreneur named Patricio Elorza. From the start there was a focus on innovation and customer service, because he knew the importance of creating a trusted brand.

Bellota has become the leader in quality thanks to the help and recognition from builders. Focussing on professional contractors has meant that Bellota has always made tools with the highest quality materials and with the most care. As construction work has become specialised, Bellota has developed and improved their selection of tools to accommodate each specific job.

Because of this expertise and focus on quality, Tile Town is very pleased to be stocking Bellota products in our range. These products are designed to last years, helping you complete job after job with ease and to a high standard.

Tools to help you through any job

The Bellota tools range we have is full of excellent options for a number of different jobs. The Pro Tile Cutter line is what you need when you want precision and speed. The Pro55 and Pro65 are heavy duty cutters that provide unprecedented comfort and ease of use when you have to cut lots of tiles. The Pop60c Tile Cutter is perfect for cutting common porcelain and ceramic tiles, as well as mosaic glass. It’s a versatile tool that is suited for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Bellota aren’t finished yet. They also supply a range of other tools and accessories that are guaranteed to make all of your jobs much easier. The M12 Light Mixer is designed to make adhesive and grout mixing as easy as possible, as well as substances such as paint, mortar and plaster. Responsive electronic speed control means that you can adjust the mix depending on the substance involved, ensuring perfect consistency with minimal physical effort on your part.

See the range in person

Visit one of the Tile Town showrooms in the East Midlands, in Derby and South Normanton, to see the Bellota range for yourself. Talk with the team at Tile Town about the job you’ve got coming up and they’ll advise on the best tool or accessory for it, along with helping out with any other issues you’re having. Download a 20% DISCOUNT VOUCHER for use IN-STORE to get an even better deal on Bellota products. 


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Bellota Pro65 Tile Cutter

The Bellota PRO tile cutter has been designed for professional tile installers looking for a PRECISE, FAST and DURABLE tile cutter. It is a heavy-duty, sturdy and powerful tool for big tile jobs.
From £263.83

Bellota Pro55 Tile Cutter

The Bellota PRO tile cutter has been designed for professional tile installers looking for a PRECISE, FAST and DURABLE tile cutter. It is a heavy-duty, sturdy and powerful tool for big tile jobs.
From £217.40

Bellota Pop60c Tile Cutter

The Bellota POP tile cutter has been designed for cutting common ceramic and porcelain tiles. it can also cut mosaic glass. it is a versatile, strong and easy to use tile cutter that fulfills basic needs of both professional tile installers and diy enthusiasts.
From £81.23

Bellota Universal Wheel

Bellota's scoring wheels’ octagonal forged steel shafts guarantee maximum rigidity and sturdiness for straight and precise scoring and the high-quality tungsten carbide blades last up to 25% longer than the competition.
From £7.19

Bellota M12 Light Mixer

This M12 Light Mixer is designed specifically for mixing tile adhesives, grouts, liquids and powder based building products such as paints, plaster, mortar, similar substances.
From £132.73

Bellota Washboy

Bellotas 3 Roller Wash Boy is a Very hard wearing and reliable. Aimed for professional use, easy to use and manoeuvre. Maximum 20 litre capacity, it has a sloped base so that all the sediment from cleaning settles at the bottom.
From £55.64