Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Natural stone has been and remains a sought-after look for bathrooms. Nothing else creates that same atmosphere of natural beauty, conjuring up images of rock pools and clean mountain water. It’s a look that feels modern, and also prehistoric, both at the same time. Tile Town’s range of natural stone tiles will let you bring a number of different looks and themes into reality. Browse through the selection and get the natural stone tiling for that perfect bathroom look.

Genuine stone

These tiles are made from naturally occurring substances, which means each tile is unique, having a slight variation in colour and texture. This is something that you cannot get with other sorts of tile and it establishes a unique atmosphere and feel for your bathroom.

We have carefully chosen this selection based on the brilliant properties of these materials. Being natural, these tiles produce some really amazing designs and are very hardwearing. Natural Stone Tiles can be porous and require treating or sealing before using to enhance their colour and to protect them from stains and dirt. The team at Tile Town can offer advice and assistance on what sealant to use and how go about the process of sealing your tiles.

Plenty of choice

Tile Town’s selection of natural stone tiles has been compiled to give you lots of options for colours and materials. You want to make a look that fits your home’s particular theme or your very own vision for your bathroom. The floor and wall tiles will have an enormous impact on how your bathroom will look, offering the largest areas of colour in the room.

Go for dark colours to bestow an air of opulence and grandeur on your bathroom – Gulfstone Black Opal Quartz is perfect for this, while boasting a brilliant sheen. Lighter colours will make your bathroom seem brighter, more open and generally larger. Your bathroom can look however you want, and the selection of natural stone tiles in our range is designed to accommodate your stylistic ventures.

Our selection includes a variety of materials. Travertine boasts a beautiful mixture of shades that will really make your floor into a room feature. Gulfstone is a stone which is 93-95% quartz, offering high-resistance to scratches and wear, as well as an incredible sparkle that is guaranteed to catch the eye. Our range may vary in colour and look, but all of our tiles are of the highest-quality natural stone which, after treatment, is sure to last you many years.

Visit our showrooms

Come and see our natural stone tiles in person by coming to one of our East Midlands showrooms. Meet the team in Derby and South Normanton and have a chat about what you want to do with natural stone tiles in your bathroom. Our team is always happy to discuss your plans and they’ll happily offer advice on any DIY questions you’ve got, on topics like how to seal your stone effect tiles to ensure that they are fully waterproof.