Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics have captured the imagination for thousands of years, they became a common feature of Roman architecture and it’s not hard to see why. Mosaics are a beautiful way to create patterns and artwork on a small or large scale, in a simple way.

This is where you will find Tile Town’s selection of mosaic bathroom tiles, with an enormous variety of colours, patterns and finishes. Our mosaic tiles are high quality and versatile. Create that Ancient Roman bath look in your very own home. Start your search in our online catalogue.

Variety of mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles can make an attractive feature in any room with a variety of colours and textures. Tiling with mosaics can be as artistic and intricate as you want them to be, there is so much to choose from, in terms of colours, size and texture. Interior decoration is as rewarding a project as any to undertake, and we respect and know just how important it is to find that perfect tiling to go in your bathroom.

Our mosaics range in colours and hues, from earthy colours, greyscale, multi-colour and patterned. To complement a modern and understated look, go for Creswell Grey, but if you would like something more striking, then try Hammered Black or Provenza Deco. As well as colours and patterns, our tiles also vary in texture. Textured walls are very fashionable at the moment and you can choose between several in our catalogue; Platinum 136 Mosaic boasts more than one texture.

Different mosaic tiles work for different looks, and we have worked hard to make sure that our selection caters for all customers and all homes. You can be especially creative with mosaic patterns, because it is up to you how you arrange them. Mosaics look good in bathrooms either as a border around the room, vertical strip, mosaic zone or as a feature wall. We have mosaic tiles on sheets made up of several small tiles, as well as tiles that once grouted look like authentic mosaics.

They can be used in addition to regular bathroom, kitchen and floors tiles to create some stunning effects, this is done simply by cutting the mosaic sheet into strips.

See our mosaic tiles in our showrooms

Even better than viewing our catalogue on the website, is holding the tiles in your hands and really seeing their quality. Come to our showrooms in South Normanton and Derby to see our mosaic tiles in person. Have a look at how they can be put together to create some really fetching patterns. Hold them in your hand to get a feel for their weight and quality, and to feel their textured finish.

Meet our friendly team to chat about what you can do with mosaic tiles in your home. Whether you want them for a main wall feature or to border something else, the team can give you tips or advice on just how to make the most of mosaic tiling.