Mosaic Effect Tiles

Like mosaic tiles but in one solid tile. Get the great same effect as true mosaic tiles with ease. Once in place and grouted, you would hardly notice the difference.

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Secret Damero Gris

This fantastic looking wall tile has a contemporary look. The tile size is 20 x 50 cm and has water cut grooves to make the tile look like a authentic mosaic tile.
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Capua Blanco

Capua Blanco is a stunning modern contemporary pearlescent mosaic effect wall tile. Capua will add style and individuality to any room. These tiles can be used alone, or used as a feature wall tile.
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Lineas Soho Arena

Lineas Soho Arena is great for adding a new dimension to any Kitchen or Bathroom. Soho is inspired by wood, with a gentle, one-directional grain pattern.
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Provenza Deco Kitchen Wall

A beautifully decorated porcelain tile, Provenza has been designed to replicate vintage or Moresque encaustic pattern with a matt finish.
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Brix Stratum Gris

The Brix Stratum range, available in two colours, Gris and Beige is a faux mosaic for use on interior walls and is fantastic for use in shower and bathroom areas.
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