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Wet Rooms

A true wet room is a fully tiled room with an open shower area. It usually includes a loo and sink and often no bath. When you come to sell your house, a wet room can be an asset – estate agents report that buyers may pay a premium of up to £10,000 for a wet room in place of a standard bathroom. However, it's important that it's an en suite or second bathroom, as removing the bath from a family bathroom could make your home less saleable.

PCS Introduction

made in the UK logoPolyfab Coatings & Systems Ltd is the UK's premier manufacturer of reinforced construction boards, raised and level shower-trays and tile-able bath panels.
DeltaBoard Logo are multipurpose lightweight construction boards and profiles have been developed for use in Wet-Rooms, Walk-In-Showers, Spa's and Swimming Pools where:
• A rigid, lightweight surface is required for the application of a final decorative surface treatment, such as floor/wall tiles, thin coat render systems or a plaster surface.
• The high moisture content in these areas prevents the use of conventional cladding products such as plaster-board.

Shower wet room systems & shower trays

delta tray logo are versatile and are easy to install. have been designed for use with walk in shower enclosures, providing a tileable shower base, avoiding the need for the traditional "step-in" white acrylic tray. It is a lightweight shower base with pre-made falls to the drain, and is coated with a cementitious layer to receive a tiled surface.
DeltaBoard Logo will eliminate many of the problems associated with damp penetration, especially on suspended timber floors, whilst also providing insulation against heat loss. On solid concrete floors the benefit comes from preventing heat loss downward to the sub floor.
Floors in bathroom areas will get wet. On suspended timber floors this will eventually lead to tiles lifting as the grout and adhesive breaks down and water seeps through to the timber sub flor causing it to swell and warp. DeltaBoard Logo will eliminate this problem.

The Products

deltatray large logo

DeltaTray & TileMaster Tanking KitThe delta tray logo is ideal for wet rooms and shower construction. The Shower Tray can easily cut to fit the shower area or to produce an irregular or circular shower base. unlike some other underlays, the delta tray logo is sufficiently robust to allow mosaic tiles to be laid on it without the risk of compression through point loading. All Shower trays come complete with drains. Remember that it easy to extend the size of your tray by using the 20mm DeltaBoard Logo.
Click Here for price on DeltaBoard Thermal Construction Boards.  

TileMaster Tanking Kit is a ready mixed, under tile tanking system to protect water sensitive substrates from exposure to water. Plaster, Plasterboard and timber are sensitive to water. TileMaster Tanking Kit is easy to apply and is will cover an area of 6.2m2. In the 5kg kit you get 1ltr Primeplus Primer for priming the walls, 5kg Tanking Paste Tanking Liquid and 10m length of Reinforcing Tape, 2 Internal Corner & a pair of latex gloves.

Wetroom Kits

The Delta wet room floor kit is an easy to install level access (walk in shower) wet room floor kit. The kit comes complete with drain and a full liquid based tanking kit for waterproofing the wet room.

How to install level wet room kits

delta tray logo Level Wet room Shower Kits from PCS are designed to create a flat, un-stepped tiled waterproof shower area. This kit is ideally suited for installation on a timber floor where the drain and waste can be accommodated under the existing floorboards. The installation begins by removing the existing floor boards in the area where the tray is to be fitted. The coated Shower Tray is pre-machined with falls to the drain position. It requires additional support which is achieved by installing timber battens and marine ply between the floor joists. Conventional floor boards are approximately 18mm thick so once installed on top of a bed of tile adhesive this 20mm thick tray will be 6mm proud of the surrounding floor area. This step is eliminated by covering the surrounding area with 6mm thick DeltaBoard Logo. The entire area will then be waterproof and thermally insulated making it an ideal construction for the incorporation of electrical underfloor heating.
See our 20 Stage Guide to Installing the level wet room kits How to install a level wetroom CLICK HERE

Linear Wetroom Kit

The delta tray logo wet room floor kit is an easy to install level access (walk in shower) wet room floor kit. The kit comes complete with drain and a full liquid based tanking kit for waterproofing the wet room.

How to install level wet room kits

The delta tray logo Linear Wetroom Systems have been developed to create a stylish contemporary wetroom with flexible components that satisfy all possible bathroom layouts and provide a totally waterproof solution. They are specifically designed for domestic installations that are to be finished with natural or ceramic floor tiles. The tray has been designed to allow complete flexibility of installation. Special features such as the drain assembly can be positioned either parallel to, or across the floor joists. The slimlime water collection trough is integrated and sealed within the tray body during manufacture. To provide complete flexibility of installation the drain trap, which sits beneath the tray, can be located anywhere along the drain trough. The tray is 30mm thick which, when installed at floor joist level, will mean that the tray protrudes above the remaining floor board level. This additional height allows you to overboard the rest of your wetroom with 10mm thick thermal construction boards to create a tile ready, waterproof and thermally insulated wetroom floor. Thermal insulation will optimise the performance of any electrical underfloor heating elements that can be installed right into the wetzone.
See our 25 Stage Guide to Installing the linear wet room kits How to install a linear wetroom CLICK HERE

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